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Automatic expiry date coding printing machine

  • PACKAGE:carton box
  • SIZE:80*50*70cm
    • Products description:

    Automatic expiry date coding printing machine for small box 全自動噴碼機
    code date bottle printer Advantages:

    Automatic expiry date coding printing machine can printing date,time,

    batch number,serial number,design,bar code,security code,

    multiple language,multiple font,logo etc

    Specialization-professional software engineers have solved the problems thatcould happen,and through the deep 

    research,the modular circuit & hydro-system with low power and high level of integration hardware has been designed.

    Select the best fittings from all over the world-Power supplies are offered by themost famous 

    manufactures who supplied to the aviation in China, LCD press keyboard screens,the 

    electromagneti valves and pipelines are imported with high quality. 

    Perfect humanity design

    -English/Chinese mutual, one button touch 

    stop/start function, diagnose any fault automatics, phase and viscosity controlled automatically, nozzles auto wash.

    code date bottle printer Printing Parameters:

    1. Print lines:1-4 lines

    2. Print height:1.5--12mm

    3. Print distance to object surface:0--4cm

    4. Print speed:2m/s(5×7pixel)

    5. Print dots: Numbers, Chinese/English character, Logo,etc.

    6.Fixed length print function: any unit, any length.

    coding printing machine, expiry date coding printing machine,Automatic coding printing machine 

    test video before delivery

    code date bottle printer Printing Samples: 

    code date bottle printer High Performance Battery

    code date bottle printer Ink System

    Ink: Our Ink is fast-dry type, in many color, and it is environment protective. 

    Perfect Laser use exclusive use ink. Since every company made different consistency inks for their machine. Usually we suggest our clients to use our inks to avoid jam of injection nozzle and get the best print performance. Ink-jet printers of different types have the requirements of different ink.  Different types of ink have a different base material, dyes, and so on. Therefore, different types of ink can not be mixed. Once been mixed, different ink may cause to physical reaction sediments, or a chemical reaction. In this way, the inkjet printer may be damaged badly, it can be said that the system of ink is completely out of work.

    Ink system makes the ink path smooth,dust-proof

    Sensor--Quick response when the printing material arrived(Fast speed,High accruracy)

    Machine operate LCD Interface:

    Setting paremeters according to you need pring letters, setting finish starting printing  automatic Ribbon Coder Printer Electronic Date Code Printing Machinery เครื่องพิมพ์อัตโนมัติ as video 

    Mini Portable Handheld Inkjet Printer and Manual Ink Jet Printer for Batch Number PrintingTestesting:

    Technology parameters of Hot sale manual continuous printing machinery white and black dot ink jet printer

    Printing Speed: 1.2 m/s
    Resolution: Max 600 dpi
    Net Weight: 710g
    Volume of caridge:40cc
    Save message:256 piece
    Ink valid: Water Based Ink & Solvent Ink
    Printing Angle:All-round
    Media:Wood, Metal, Plastic, Aluminum Foil, Carton Media
    Printing Space:2-13mm Mechanical Adjustment
    Printing length:Unlimited
    Applicable Media:Porous & Non-porous
    Daily Maintenance:Need Cleaner for Solvent Ink
    No need cleaner for water based ink
    Ink Color:C,M,K,G,W etc.
    Ink type:Water Based Ink & Solvent Ink
    Working temperature:0-40 degree
    Net Weight:710g
    Charging Voltage:175-250V, 50-60 Hz

    APPLICATIONS of electric hand injet box coding machine Portable Inkjet Batch Code Printers Print Machine Introduction เครื่องพิมพ์อิงค์เจ็ท:Automobile part, Beverages, Cosmetics, Electronic Component, Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Building material,Eggs, Pipes & Tubes, Cables & Wires etc.

    Fast installantion, just "Plug & Print", no experience necessary

    Effcient cartridge nozzles

    Low noise:

    Fater roller

    Package and Delivery:

    1.Export flight case 

    2.Standard machine 2-3 days for shipping

    3.Customized machine pls confirm specification with us if customized

    4.Lead time:3-5 working days after payment

    5:MOQ:1 set

    6. payment T/T; western union ,or Paybal

    Certification & Factory Photos


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