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Folding Packaging Machine For Moisturizing Mask

  • SIZE:110*110*135cm
  • MODEL:TPM-06
    • Products description:

    Our folding packaging machine for moisturizing mask has rotary and inline two types

    Rotary Folding Packaging Machine For Moisturizing Mask is apply for folding film moisturizing mask to wanted shapes, then filling the film into the mask bags, widely used in cosmetic, medical industry.

    Rotary face mask folding package machineLittle aera occupied,compaction of equipment and lower cost

    Technology of Packaging Machine For Moisturizing Mask

    Power Supply
    AC220V single phase, 50/60HZ
    Width of bag
    Length of bag
    Packing Size
    Packing weight

    Main Features
    1. PLC + touch screen control system, easy to operate
    2. The automatic folding film, automatic load bags, saving labor
    3. When No film it will stop to work ,and no bags will alarm, optional automatic and manual functions
    4. Stainless steel welded frame, solid and reliable

    5. Can be folded single, double and triple mask

    Package of Folding Packaging Machine For Moisturizing Mask

    Inline folding packing machine for moisturizing mask folder bagging machine

    facial mask packing machinery automatic intergrated process face mask filling sealing machine

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