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vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine

  • PACKAGE:Standard Ply-wooden case
  • SIZE:1450*600*1950mm
    • Products description:

    vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine might mixing and disperse viciously. Solid and liquid raw material can dissolve material which is hard to dissolve such as AES, AESA LSA during liquid production which can save energyconsumption and shorten production the and shorten production period

    vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine Main adopts stepless timing device which reduce babble occur under low temperature and high viscosity condition less air bubble will be formed .To produce liquid washing product.

    Finished products can be discharged by Disc-valve or suitable to all liquid wash products.

    Technology Parameter

    50L vacuum homogenizer,vacuum homogenizer ,vacuum mixer homogenizer testing in customer factory, bottom homogenize, button control 

    Main pot capacity 

    Design capacity650L   working capacity500L  


    Contact with materialSUS316           thickness6mm

    Outer layer:         SUS304            thickness3mm

    Inner layer:         SUS304            thickness4mm

    Insulating Layer      SUS304            thickness  25mm


    Top homogenize

    Homogenize motor power11 kw

    Motor speed0~3000RPM(with transducer)

    Mixing way

    Frame type two-way mixer with scraper(TEFLON scraper)

    Mixing power5.5kw

    Mixing speed0-60rpm

    Lifting type

    hydraulic lifting(lifting travel is 1280mm)

    Hating type

    Steam heating or electric Heating, Tap water cooling

    Discharging type

    from tank bottom or tilt by hand

    Main pot pressure

    Pot inside working pressure-0.09      double layer0.3MPa

    Water pot

    Design capacity480L              working capacity400L

    Mixing type 

    Upper Wave wheel type mixer

    Mixing power1.5kw

    Speed1400 rpm

    Opening way

    Open type

    Temperature display

     resistance thermometer 


    Stainless steel ball valve


    Pot insideSUS316             thickness5mm

    Tank jacketSUS304 L              thickness4mm

    Heating type

    Electrical heating or steam heating

    Oil pot 

    Design 330L              working250L

    Mixing type 

    Upper Wave wheel type mixer


    speed1400 rpm

    Opening way

    Open type

    Temperature display

     resistance thermometer 


    Stainless steel ball valve


    Pot insideSUS316 L              thickness4mm

    Outer layerSUS304 L              thickness3mm


    Electric or steam

    Main pot weight


    Main pot weight

    (L*W*H1600mm×600mm×1900-2400) mm   

    Spare parts

    1 year warranty

    Warranty period

    1 year


    By seller

    Working life

    10 years above

    Stainless steel blending tanks shampoo making equipment liquid mixer machine

    vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine

    Button control as below:

    Vacuum Homogenizer,Homogenizer, Emulsifying Mixing Machine,mixing machinePLC control


    500L vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine size: 

    50L vacuum homogenizer,vacuum homogenizer ,

    vacuum mixer homogenizer Pot details:


    vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine 

    working principle:

    vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine Stir Inside

    waybill of  TCEM-500 vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine and conveyor of Poland customer

    vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine Electric box:

    Packaging & Shipping of vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine

    1.Export ply wooden box


    2.Standard machine 10-15 days for shipping

    3Customized machine pls confirm specification with us if customized

    4.Lead time:3-5 working days after payment

    5:MOQ:1 set

    6.30% deposit+ balance payment T/T;L/C, western union ,money gram.

    7. Loading Port: Guangzhou,Shenzhen


    If you want to know more about cosmetic cream making machine, please contact me. Thanks.

    Q---Is OEM or ODM available?

    A---Yes. We can produce a machine according to your requirements.

    Q---What kind of machines can you supply to customer?

    A---We could offer various kinds of machines and whole production line.

    Q---Cream, paste Products.
    A---In cosmetic industry: face cream, body cream, washing cream,vase(line) etc.

    In food industry industry: sauce, ketchup, tomato paste, mayonnaise, mustard, chocolate etc
    In chemical industry:welding paste,ink, paint,pigment etc.

    Q---Liquid products.

    A---shampoo, lotion, liquid soap, detergent,juice,solution etc.
    Production line for them: RO water treatment - liquid wash mixer- - storage tanks- filling machine-capping machine- labeling machine- conveyor belt- inkjet printer- sealing machine-shrinking machine etc.

    Q---Make-up products.
    A---Lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish, mascara etc.
    Machines for them: homogenizer mixer, colliod mill, lipstick filling machine, freezing machine etc.

    Q---Adhesive products
    A---Instant glue, AB glue, silica gel, anaerobic adhesive,silicone sealant etc.
    Machines for them: double planetary mixer, ribbon blender, tube filling and sealing machine,
    hydraulic distributing machine, cartridge filling machine etc.

    Production line for them: RO water treatment equipment- vacuum emulsifying machine- storage tanks- filling machine-capping machine- labeling machine- conveyor belt- inkjet printer- sealing machine-shrinking machine etc

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